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So…What Did You Buy Today?

Who, What, Where, And Why

The “who” is already answered, it’s online shopping! You didn’t know “online shopping” is a “who”? Well, it may sound corny but every time someone asks you “who did you buy that from?” and you answer “I bought it online at ___________”, you just answered who the “who” is!

The “what” is huge and ranges from a simple “I bought a pair of tweezers today” to the more luxurious and expensive items like the “Ulysse Nardin Royal Blue “Mystery” Tourbillon Watch”. It’s pretty exciting no matter what you buy to tell people what you bought!

The “where” is another easy one, the internet! And while that may be a broad “where”, in this day and age, the internet can take you places to buy things that you’ve never even dreamed of! Never in mankind’s history has the business owner that sells a product or service had opportunities on top of opportunities to sell their product or service to a truly global audience!

The “why” is because online shopping has become about as equal to “baseball and apple pie”. It’s become part of Americana and a daily part of our lives. I can’t imagine a day going by without having to buy something online.


Most of the reviews, recommendations, and products listed on this website will have “affiliate links”. If you don’t know what an affiliate is, it’s basically a person who promotes the products or services of businesses (that have affiliate programs) with a “link” to the company’s website. and if you buy, the affiliate gets paid a small commission. The product price does not change. Amazon is probably the most well-known affiliate vendor but there are thousands of others.  While most promote the products and services as affiliates to make an income, I like to promote those products or services I have actually used or seek the endorsement of my network of friends that have bought and tried the products and services.


It’s all about having fun while shopping! Whether it be online or at a “brick and mortar” store, shopping is an experience and therefore, always make it a good one! One thing that helped me is to study “how to negotiate”. Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually a blast! The key thing to remember in negotiating for a better deal is to strive for a “win-win” outcome. That means both parties feel as though they got the “best value” they were hoping to get. It’s not always about the price tag. We’ve all paid too much for something that we wanted but it was the value of the product or service that made us feel good! We are consumers by nature, so consume with fun!


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This website is meant for sharing the fun, experiences, and “great deal” purchases while shopping!


Shopping Cheatsheets – Free Download

Who doesn’t need shopping cheatsheets? You may be thinking “a shopping cheatsheet?…do tell!” Well, what if I told you that with these cheatsheets you can save time, save money, and shop more! These cheatsheets are full of shopping related websites and information that will keep you ahead of the shopping (wolf) pack! So go ahead, take advantage of these free downloads and shop away!

DISCLAIMER: Although most websites will auto-update as needed, it is also due to the nature of websites and their everchanging “stuff”, some links may not work or you will see a “%22” at the front and end of the search keyword (ie; %22coupon codes%22). In these cases, all you have to do is remove the %22’s and hit enter.

I will also be updating these cheatsheets as often as possible and/or needed.

Cheatsheets include;

  BOGO | Coupon Codes | Shopping Deals 




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